Printer Repair Tips

Everyone Hates Downtime! How can you mitigate this problem?

Much like car maintenance. Printer repairs happen at the most inconvenient times. Leaving a business hindered and unproductive. This is bound to happen to anyone, however, we aim to give you the best do it yourself tips to get your system back up and running. Most individuals do not have the background, or the knowledge of where to start. There are a handful of simple steps that you can take to resurrect your machine. Lets get you back on your way to increasing productivity and office efficiency! Here are some helpful printer repair tips!

Canon imageCLASS LBP253dw Printer

Check your printers Port Settings!

A great printer repair tip is to check your Port settings. These can often be a leading cause in miscommunication between your personal computer, and your printer. Checking these settings can also help to eliminate any issues with other machines. Documents will often print to the first available port. Having the wrong ports available could cause a disruption in communication between your personal computer, and the machine you wish to utilize. Please ensure that all of your port setting match with the chosen printer.

Check your Network Settings!

Another helpful printer repair tip is if your problem continues to persist. Follow this process further by checking your SNMP settings. This is your Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This is a standard internet protocol for helping to organize and collect about devices on a single IP network. As well as modifying information to changing device behavior. Ensuring that you have the correct SNMP settings will help to eliminate any deeper communication errors between your personal computer, and other devices. Ensure that the SNMP settings are enabled, as well as ensuring that the community name is public. Your SNMP device index may vary.

Check your IP Address!

Once you have ensured that all of your communication settings are correct. You can further diagnose problems by ensuring that both devices are on the same IP address. Check IP Address on the devices itself and make it a static IP.  To do this, set your default gateway, settings, and ipconfig. On Local Area Networks (LAN) this is a crucial step as each device needs to be on the same network to communicate back and forth. Ensuring that both devices are on the same network can be the resolution to a wide variety of problems.

Furthermore, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) can cause issues in communication between devices. Ensure that you are not using a VPN when trying to print, as these networks have different settings that your traditional network. To test the communication between your personal computer and the device. You can attempt to ping the machine. This sends a small packet file to the machine to test the communication pathways. If the ping fails, the connection is incomplete.

This concludes our post for printer repair tips!

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