Toshiba TF581S

Manufacturing Status: Discontinued
Part Number: Info not avail

SRP: $5,999
Domestic Intro Date: July 1990
OEM: Toshiba (Japan)
Also Sold As: Lanier LanierFax 6200, Lanier LanierFax 7200
Predecessor Model:
Replacement Model:
Replacement Date:
Compatibility: Group 3 and 2
Scanning Method: CCD
Coding System: MH/MR/MMR/EX
Copier: Std conven Network Printer: No
Fax Machine: Std PC Printer: Opt
Internet Fax: No Network Scanner: No
Network Fax: No PC Scanner: Opt
PC Fax: Opt
Modem/Transmission Speed: 14.4 Kbps/6 spp
Print/Quick Scan Speed: 11 ppm/3 spp
Max TX Resolution: 406 x 392 lpi
Gray Scale/Halftones: 16 levels
Paper Source/Cap: One tray (adj)/250 sheets
Max Paper Cap w/Options: 750 sheets
Document Feeder: 50 sheets
Max/Min Orig Size (WxL): 11.7 x 39.4/5.8 x 3.9
Max Paper/Print Width: 8.5/8.3
Effective Scan Width: 11.5
Correct-Order Output: Info not avail
Output Trays:
Originals/Receptions: Side, horizontal/Side, horizontal
One-Touch Dialing Keys: 35
Speed Dialing Codes: 200
Max Numbers Stored: 200
Redial Attempts/Intervals: 1 to 7/1 to 15 minute
Group Dialing: 60 groups,200 numbers
Program Keys: 35
Std/Max Capacity: 2 MB/20 MB
Std/Max Page Capacity: Info not avail/Info not avail
Document Mem Backup: Standard, 1 hour
Memory Transmission: Scan-to-memory tx
Batch Files: 98 files
Broadcasting: Relay/Sequential (200 dest)
Substitute Reception: Yes
Multi Access: Yes
Dual Lines: No
Transmission Reservation: Yes
ECM: Yes
Auto Fax/Tel Switch: No
Polling/Locations: Yes/200
Verification Stamp: Info not avail
Relay Req/Transfer Hub: Yes/Yes
Timers: 99 timers
Confidential TX/RX: Yes/98 mailboxes
Access/Closed Group: Yes/Yes
Department Codes: 40 codes
(OMR) programming; personal one-touch dialing cards (5 cards max); auto collation of multiple copies; diagnostics; smoothing; auto page retransmission
Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.9″ x 18.1″ x 24.2″
Weight (Base Unit): 79.4 lbs
Power Reqs (V/Amps): 120 V, 6.7 A
Power-Save Mode: 17 watts
Warranty: 90 days
Printer Specs
Engine Mfr & Model: Toshiba*
Print Speed (Blk/Clr): 11 ppmNot applicable
Print Resolution (Blk/Clr): Info not availNot applicable
Processor/Bits/MHz: Info not avail
PDL/PCL: Info not avail
Controller Manufacturer: Info not avail
LAN Print Speed/Res: No/No
Std/Max Memory: Shared
: Other:
Connectivity Specs
Client OS Support: DOS, Windows
Parallel Interface: No
PC Fax/Print/Scan: No/No/No
Serial Interface: Opt
PC Fax/Print/Scan: Yes/Yes/Yes
USB Interface: No
PC Fax/Print/Scan: No/No/No
Network Interface: No
Interface Type: No
LAN Fax/Print/Scan: No/No/No
Networks Supported:
NetWare: No Windows NT: No
AppleTalk: No UNIX: No
AS/400: No Other:
Scanner and Image Management Specs
Scan Speed (Blk/Clr): 3 sppNot applicable
Max Resolution (Blk/Clr): Info not availNot applicable
TWAIN/ISIS Compatible: No
Scan/Image Software: Opt ImageVision 2.0
OCR Software: No
File Mgmt Software: Opt ImageVision 2.0
Scan-To-EMail: No
Copying Specs
Max Copy Speed: 11 cpm
Max Copy Resolution: Info not avail
Zoom Range (%): Info not avail
Multicopy Quantity: 99 copies
PC/Network Fax Specs
Modem Speed: 9600 bps
Software (Std or Opt): Opt ImageVision 2.0
Program Fax Via PC: Yes
RX to PC Memory: Yes
RX w/PC Off: Yes
Class 1-/2-Compatible: No/Yes
Color Fax RX/TX: No/No
LAN Fax Support: No
Connection Type: No
Type: No
Internet Fax RX/TX: No/No
Dial Up: No
Network Connection: No
Internet Service Provider: No
Base unit; power cord; telephone line cord; autodial key labels; operation manual; receive paper tray; output paper tray
Toner cartridge; Yield: 3,750
Developer; Yield: 125,000
Photoconductor kit; Yield: 12,000
Add’l 500-sheet feed unit: $400
20-MB (1,200 pp) hard-disk: $1,200
Supply cabinet: $199
ImageVision Lite interface: $199
ImageVision 2.0 interface: $299